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Jerry Ashton

RIP Medical Debt

Jerry Ashton, former CEO and President of CFO Advisors, Inc. and now semi-retired, serves as EVP and Co-Founder of RIP Medical Debt which is a non-profit dedicated to buying - and then abolishing - unpaid and unpayable personal medical debt. A book he is co-authoring with Robert Goff titled "The Patient, The Doctor and The Bill Collector: An Obamacare and Medical Collections Survival Guide" will be published in late 2015.

Recent Posts

Five New Year’s Resolutions for the Conscious Collector

Jerry Ashton brings in the New Year with a blog about resolutions and consciousness. “Does this sound like a bad pairing?” Ashton asks.

After laying out his examples of ways in which the collections industry may have missed the mark – everything from that fake courtroom story to payday-loans schemes – Ashton suggests that change is actually within each agencies’ and collector’s power. The fault – and the solution – “is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

The story offers five resolutions that could be valuable to anyone thinking of effective changes to make in the coming year.

In Defense of Anonymity

As can be learned by watching the WikiLeaks spectacle, society is not all that welcoming to those who tattle, complain, or provide refuge for those who do. And yet, without that opportunity to safely speak one’s mind, this would be a sorry, regimented world indeed.