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Gary Jensen

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Gary Jensen is the founder and chief learning officer of Skills World, and editor of collector mentor. He has 12 years of credit and collection industry experience and specializes in employee training and development and talent management strategies. Previously, Gary has worked for companies ranging from “mom and pop” to Fortune 100. His collection experience includes time spent in both first and third party environments collecting credit cards, utilities, medical accounts, student loans, and mortgages. He is a former ACA Certified Instructor and National Director, and also served on ACA’s esteemed Education Council and Creditors International committee. Gary’s articles and advice have been featured in Collector Magazine, Collection Advisor, Southwest Collector Connector, Consumer Trends, Management Trends, Collect! Magazine, and see} Magazine. He has appeared as a guest speaker at ACA’s Annual Convention, ACA’s Fall Forum, Credit and Collection Business Academy, ACA of Texas Annual Conference, and NCHELP’s Debt Management Conference. Gary studied business at Hamilton College in Des Moines, Iowa, where he received a degree in business management. To further enhance his skills he continuously trains in such disciplines as performance improvement, customer relationship management, life and business coaching, teambuilding, leadership, and branding, among others. He is the author of the popular ebook, Beyond the Headset: 25 Practical Ideas for Engaging the Call Center Frontline. Gary produces training-focused webinar content and the collector mentor Challenge for He lives in Iowa.

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