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Chris Bohlin

Senior Product Manager
SoundBite Communications

Chris Bohlin is the Senior Product Manager for SoundBite’s voice applications including its Hosted Dialer and Automated Voice Messaging. Chris has worked in the telecom and collections industries for over 10 years. Over that time he has developed extensive knowledge and domain experience in contact center infrastructure and technology and has a deep understanding and appreciation for the cloud-based business model. Chris joined SoundBite over a year ago to help with the development and rollout of SoundBite’s Hosted Dialer product.

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Collecting Debt One Manually Dialed Call at a Time

A court recently ruled that calls to mobile phones must be done manually and not via any system with the capacity to make automated dials. The challenge itself is quite simple: How does an organization, charged with recovering debt from consumers, make enough “manual” phone calls to a growing mobile population to reach enough consumers to actually make any money?

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Last year while shopping for my first home, I can honestly say that I had little idea what I was doing.  Fortunately, I was able to use the recommendations of friends, family and numerous online tools to help me make my decision.   This was not a quick process however.  I spent the better part of […]