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Judge Dismisses Third Party Disclosure FDCPA Case and Opines on Nature of the Law

A federal district judge in New York last week dismissed an FDCPA case in which a consumer claimed a collection agency unlawfully disclosed his debt to a third party. The judge not only disagreed with the allegations in the case, but noted that the law itself might be an issue, writing, “The FDCPA is clearly out of touch with modern communication technology.”


Ontario Systems Has a Sense of Humor

If you’ve been to a few industry conferences, you know that the staff at all of them work hard to coordinate many details and try to create the best possible experience for attendees. But worthy of note about PowerUp was the extra mile they went to be creative, and the willingness of the management team to go along.


It Takes Two to Tango

Kudos to the government officials who last week ended a nationwide debt collection scam. However, if these ruthless attacks against consumers are ever going to stop, the clients who place or sell accounts without conducting thorough due diligence also need to be investigated.


TCPA and FDCPA Class Action Targets New Kind of Business: Digital Rights Enforcers

The long-running legal battle between movie and music studios and consumers that illegally download their products got a novel twist late last week when a consumer attorney filed a class action lawsuit against a company tasked with enforcing the studios’ claims. The suit says that the company is acting as a debt collector and has violated the TCPA and FDCPA.


DBA International Applauds New FTC Security Measure on the Sharing of Portfolio Data

DBA International, the voice of the debt buying industry, commends the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on its leadership role in the recently announced security measures that provide guidance to ensure that adequate security protocols are followed which offer greater protection of consumer data during the review of portfolios in the buying and selling valuation process.


CFPB Proposes Strong New Federal Protections for Prepaid Financial Products

The CFPB today proposed strong, new federal consumer protections for the prepaid market. The proposal would require prepaid companies to limit consumers’ losses when funds are stolen or cards are lost, investigate and resolve errors, provide easy and free access to account information, and adhere to credit card protections if a credit product is offered in connection with a prepaid account.

ACT presents donation checks totaling $32,014 at the Susan G. Komen headquarters in Dallas. Front Row (L-R): Ray Eshghipour, operations director for the ACT Dallas office; Norm Bowling, chief revenue & marketing officer for Susan G. Komen; Tiffany Dunn, director of direct marketing for Susan G. Komen; Gail Davidson, executive assistant for the ACT Dallas office; Charles Reyes, collection manager for ACT’s San Angelo office; and Brian Shively, operations director for the ACT San Angelo office. Back: Support staff at the Susan G. Komen headquarters.

Account Control Technology Donates $32,014 to Susan G. Komen and the Fight to End Breast Cancer

Account Control Technology, Inc. (ACT), a national leader in delivering debt recovery and business process outsourcing solutions, recently donated $32,014 to Susan G. Komen®, a nonprofit organization which works to end breast cancer in the U.S. and throughout the world through support for groundbreaking research, community health outreach, advocacy and programs in more than 30 countries.