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Head in Hands

Huffington Post Article About Private Collection Agencies Potentially Collecting IRS Debt Hits a Nerve with this ARM Veteran

Last week the Huffington Post published an article that just sent me over the edge. The headline read, “Republicans Want Private Debt Collectors To Replace IRS Agents; The GOP thinks it’ll save the government money, but the facts suggest the opposite.” While the headline got my attention, the first two sentences really got my blood boiling…


Encore Partners With U.S. Reps. Peters and Hunter On Bill To Exempt Forgiven Debt From Federal Taxation

Encore Capital Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:ECPG) announced yesterday that it has collaborated with U.S. Reps. Scott Peters (CA-52) and Duncan Hunter (CA-50) to create a bill that would exempt up to $2,500 worth of forgiven personal and household debt from federal taxation. The bill (H.R. 2640) was recently introduced as the “Consumer Debt Forgiveness Tax Relief Act of 2015.” This re-raises the 1099-C debate for the collection industry.

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Are You Properly Reporting Bankruptcies to Credit Bureaus?

In May of this year, several of the larger banks were in the news for not correctly reporting debts on credit bureaus that were discharged in bankruptcy. Pursuant to lawsuits, which were filed in White Plains, New York Bankruptcy Court, and investigations by the US Trustee’s Office, the banks were not correctly updating trade-line accounts on consumer’s credit bureaus with information that the debt was discharged in bankruptcy.

Try again

PayPal Tries To Get User Agreement Right Under New TCPA Ruling

In June, EBay and PayPal revised their user agreements to include a statement related to their ability to communicate with customers via autodialed calls and text messages for various purposes, including collecting a debt. The change raised eyebrows. Yesterday, they tried again, in the wake of the FCC’s release of its TCPA ruling last Friday. But they still may not have gotten it right.

Veterans Day parade

ARM Vets Charity Accepting Grant Applications

Collingswood, NJ: ARMing Heroes (, the collection industry’s charity for military veterans, announced that it began accepting applications on July 4, 2015, for its annual No Debts for Vets grant-making program. Last year, the charity received hundreds of inquiries and more than 100 applications from military vets and their families seeking much-needed financial support for […]

Caution Flag

Another Reason For Collectors To Be Cautious When Calling Consumer Cell Phones

Given the data that must be weighed by a creditor or debt collector in determining where a consumer resides – the area code of the number called, the zip code of the residence of record, any statements by the consumer about his or her place of residence – it is certain that the Discover Consent Order will be the start of yet another flood of consumer lawsuits against the collection industry regarding the calling of consumer cell phones.


Texas-Based Commerical Debt Collector Faces Penalty and Consent Order From Minnesota

Minnesota Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman announced yesterday that a Texas-based debt collection company is facing a $500,000 penalty and a consent order that requires the company to change its ways, including rewriting its collection manual and retraining its employees. The financial penalty is the largest ever imposed on a debt collection agency by the Minnesota […]


Acumen & ComplyARM Partner to Add Licensing to Dashboard Compliance Management System

Melville, New York – Acumen Solutions Group is proud to announce it has partnered with ComplyARM ( to integrate services within their Dashboard software platform for the purposes of tracking and managing Acumen’s clients’ licensing and insurance data.  In doing so, Acumen and ComplyARM collaborated to build functionality into ComplyARM’s Compliance Management System (CMS) that will […]

government wasting money

Social Security Administration Spends Three Times More Than it Collects Trying to Recover Overpayments

A report issued last week by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) found that the Social Security Administration spent nearly three times as much as it took in to try to collect on mistakenly issued overpayments over the six year period ending in 2013. The findings are reminiscent of the IRS debt collection saga of the early 2000′s.

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Chase Debt Collection Enforcement Action: Breaking Down the Numbers, And Regulator Commentary

During yesterday’s press call regarding the JP Morgan Chase Enforcement Action, officials from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), and the Attorneys General from Iowa and Illinois offered personal commentary on the Action, reinforced its implications, and worked to clarify questions about the numbers. Iowa […]

Action Alert

Calif. Assoc of Collectors, ACA Hope to Affect Wage Garnishment Bill

The State of California is considering a bill that would add additional limits to the amount a creditor can garnish. Currently, “Existing law prohibits the amount of an individual judgment debtor’s weekly disposable earnings subject to levy under an earnings withholding order from exceeding the lesser of 25% of the individual’s weekly disposable earnings or the amount by which […]

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SWC Group Conducts Fundraising Activities to Support Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

DALLAS, TX & WESTMINSTER, CO — SWC Group selected Big Brother Big Sisters of America as their second quarter 2015 Charities of Choice.  Employees from their Carrollton, TX and Westminster, CO offices made both non-monetary and monetary donations; resulting in more than $5,000 raised. Big Brothers Big Sisters helps children realize their potential and build […]

Pony Express

3 Strategies to Overcome USPS Reform

Due to loss of revenue, the USPS has implemented reforms in an effort to combat changes. These include consolidating as many as 82 mail processing facilities, raise rates, and, perhaps most importantly, single-piece, First-Class mail is expected to be delivered in two to three days, rather than one to two days – and overnight delivery may be eliminated for a considerable portion of First-Class mail. Does that have to affect your collection floor?


Executive Change: CFPB Announces Acting Associate Director for Supervision, Enforcement and Fair Lending

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently announced the impending departure of Deputy Director Steve Antonakes to spend more time with family. Antonakes has also been serving as the Associate Director for the Division of Supervision, Enforcement, and Fair Lending. Yesterday the Bureau announced that Meredith Fuchs will now serve as Acting Deputy Director. Ms. Fuchs […]


Executive Change: David Elmore Joins Account Control Technology, Inc. as Vice President, Business Development

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. – Account Control Technology, Inc. (ACT), a national leader in delivering debt management and recovery solutions, is pleased to announce that David Elmore has joined the company as Vice President, Business Development. Elmore has been working in the financial services industry for 15 years and spent the majority of his career at Experian, […]

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Eleventh Circuit’s Mistaken Interpretation Likely to Expose Attorneys to Increased FDCPA Liability

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals recently handed down a decision that went too far in holding that all litigation related activity is subject to the FDCPA. In pursuing their client’s judgment, an attorney and law firm obtained a garnishment against Nedzad Miljkovic. Miljkovic filed a claim for exemption in response, which the creditor disputed. However, the writ was eventually dissolved on the creditor’s attorney’s motion after Miljkovic provided discovery showing that his wages were exempt from garnishment.


2nd CFPB Enforcement Action This Week Involving Debt Collection, Now Against Discover Bank

On the heels of yesterday’s enforcement action against Citibank and its subsidiary Department Stores National Bank, today the CFPB took action against Discover Bank and its affiliates for illegal private student loan servicing practices. The company also engaged in illegal debt collection tactics, including calling consumers early in the morning and late at night.

Sophia Grace

BWF: Best Work Friends

Connections and associations in a business setting take time to build and maintain, arguably even more time than in your personal life. No matter what level of friendship you have or are pursuing, all relationships take various amounts of time and dedication to nurture and develop. Some might say that keeping a friend is effortless and just comes naturally, when really it is just more enjoyable “work” than, say, figuring out what the new FCC ruling means for your company.