California Debt Collection Laws

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Today, February 8, 2013, The National List of Attorneys published the white paper on debt collection law in California, written by George L. Cohn and his firm Collection Lawyers.

George is Senior Attorney at Collection Lawyers, a California debt collection litigation law firm. They have represented banks, governmental agencies, corporations, collection agencies, and other creditors for over 25 years. With proven efficiency, productivity, and consistent client services, Collection Lawyers does immediate collections as part of litigation, resulting in maximized returns for its clients. Realizing that winning the case is only part of the battle, Collection Lawyers has developed effective and unique strategies for California collection litigation. Collection Lawyers scrutinizes collection recovery at all stages of the collection litigation process, including pre-suit, suit, and post-judgment enforcement and execution. Collection Lawyers has extensive experience in commercial, retail, and student loan collection litigation, creditor bankruptcy matters, and in defense of suits filed against creditors.

George attended Southwestern Law School, and has worked in the debt collection industry for 32 years. Ninety-five percent of his law practice is dedicated to debt collection. He has been listed with The National List for 28 years. He is currently V.P. of the California Creditors’ Bar Association (CalCBA), which is one of the largest creditors’ bar associations in the country. He is active in continuing education for its members. Additional memberships include the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA,) the State Bar of California and the Los Angeles Bar Association.

George enjoys employing tactics and strategies when going up against superb opposing counsel, and regularly winning. He has learned that “to keep a busy collection litigation law firm running smoothly,practices and procedures must be established and followed. Ongoing training (and cross-training) is essential. We have some clients who send us a huge number of files throughout the year, and we have to adapt our flowcharts to accommodate the flow. This is where cross-training really pays off.

George Cohn

George Cohn

George says, “One thing creditors need to know that makes debt collection unique in CA is that, under a new CA state law effective 1/1/13, we can levy a bank account at one central bank location, and ‘sweep up’ all funds listed under a debtor’s name and social security number anywhere in the state. We can levy upon wages, including spouses’ wages (with a court order), even if they’re not listed in the judgments.”

George has lived in Manhattan Beach, CA, for 22 years. He and his wife of 27 years enjoy walking their two cairn terriers along the beach. He loves reading fiction and non-fiction, and enjoys hiking and traveling.

The National List thanks George for submitting this paper and for giving us the chance to get to know him a little better. You can access the paper at

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