Vetting a Medical Debt Collection Partner? Stop, Look, and Listen

As we near the end of the year (fiscal year for many of us), now is the time to evaluate the effectiveness of your medical debt collection partners.

This should be a once-a-year routine, and we suggest that you follow the old maxim we learned as children before crossing the street — Stop, Look, and Listen.

Read the rest of this post and check out the DECA Financial Services healthcare blog, Bottom-Line Results Matter, for other useful tips.

Debt Buying Industry Skeptical of Recent ARM Process Patent

Recently, the ARM world was hit with news of a new patent which may affect much of the debt purchasing industry. TriCap – a company which has typically dealt with medical receivables – recently patented a process by which debt can be bought and sold online.

The patent protects a process that a handful of other debt brokers more or less already do and have done for years.