Sen. Franken Hearing on Accretive: Five Takeaways Every Health Care Collection Professional Needs to Know

The hearing also may serve as a portent of future changes, as Franken, who has in the past sponsored legislation tightening restrictions on collections practices, has promised that the hearing represented only a beginning and that he would “look into whether we can do more to strengthen our federal laws” regarding patient debt and collections practices.


Death to Foti? Supreme Court to Hear FDCPA Case on Awarding Costs to Defendants

The U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday said that it would hear a case where a debt collection agency was awarded costs after prevailing in an FDCPA case. The Court will consider whether a defendant in an FDCPA case is entitled to costs should they win the case, even if the case was not initially brought by the plaintiff in bad faith or for the purposes of harassment.

But by accepting only that narrow issue, the Supreme Court may have dealt a blow to certain violation claims concerning debt collection communications. An appeals court ruled strongly on what constitutes a communication and that decision will stand, throwing another wrinkle into the ongoing Foti saga.

Executive Change: BillingTree Appoints David Roberts as new President & CEO

BillingTree announced the appointment of David Roberts as President and Chief Executive Officer. Former President & Chairman Scott McCollum will continue as BillingTree’s Chairman of the Board, following five years of leading the company’s daily operations and delivering record growth, now processing payments in excess of $2.5 billion annually. David Robert’s charge is to lead the […]

Mark Russell: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Student Loans?

The primary reasons for these challenges have also been well documented – uncontrollable increase in the cost of a college education; access to “cheap” public student loan financing, and even private loan options; ignorance of students and their parents as to the long-term financial implications of taking on large student loan debts; and a troubled economy with a stubbornly high unemployment rate particularly for recent college graduates and college drop-outs.