SoundBite Communications Confirms Certification as PCI Compliant Level 1 Service Provider

SoundBite Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: SDBT), a leading provider of on-demand, multi-channel proactive customer communications, today announced its re-certification as a Level 1 Service Provider compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This marks the third consecutive year that SoundBite has been PCI certified as a Level 1 service provider. The full list of service providers is available here.

Akcelerant Customer Shares Story of Improved Collections

Akcelerant, a provider of connected software technology to the financial services industry, and SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union, a California-based credit union with 8.3 billion in assets, appeared in the January 17th edition of the CU Journal after participating in an interview about how Akcelerant’s industry-leading software platform, the Akcelerant Framework, has played a key role in improving collections at SchoolsFirst.

Collection Notices Pop Quiz – Can You Spot the Violations?

On Monday published a blog from Rozanne M. Andersen entitled, A Guideline to Self-Review of Debt Collection Letters, on the importance of frequently reviewing your company’s collection notices to mitigate the risk of regulatory violations and consumer litigation. Now that we’ve got you thinking about this topic, insideARM thought we might add a little fun to your Friday by transporting you back in time (via our patented and top secret Interwebs Time Machine) to the days of pop quizzes. Oh no, not the dreaded Friday Pop Quiz. Ms. Andersen has kindly provided three sample collection letters that failed to pass legal review. Can you spot the violations?

VeriFacts’ JobTrace Product Patent Pending

STERLING, Ill. – In May 2009, after a year of development and internal testing, VeriFacts, Inc., released to select clients their beta format JobTrace product. This batch solution applies intelligence gained from over 20 years of manual investigation and data, now available in electronic format, to produce the most probable place of employment location for […]

Pro Recovery Solutions Announces First Party Collections Devision

This week, Pro Recovery Consultants Inc, a Durham, N.C.-based collection agency, unveiled a new section of their website, which deals with first party debt collection. The section represents the Accredited Cash Flow division of their business, which is geared towards helping setup and manage an in-house collection department. While Pro Recovery Consultants have traditionally been […]